Tricked out Tracker for Tampa Bay Inshore Slam

Capt Geoff Page (941 586 3756) and I catch a beautiful Tampa Bay Slam while using my tricked out Tracker Heritage. With the super low tides of December, the Heritage skims over the shallow flats and we get into the nearly inaccessible potholes that are full of trout ,redfish and snook. 1/4 once jig heads with a 3 inch tail of a swimming Senko coupled up with a 6 1/2-7′ spinning rod loaded with 10 pound braid, really gets the job done. We catch better than 50 fish in 7 hours!


20 thoughts on “Tricked out Tracker for Tampa Bay Inshore Slam

  1. Making me homesick! YouTube is your true medium, @Roland Martin Outdoors Great content on here, and I love seeing the aluminum boat in the salt. I’ve caught blackfin tuna, king Mac, red snapper, coins, redfish, and tons of trout in my Tracker.

    And I love seeing Capt. Paige casting from the bow chair! Ha, those bass guys are on to something, eh? When I got my Tracker I thought I’d never use the foot pedal trolling motor fishing out of Destin, FL. But one day when I found a weed line a few miles out, that foot pedal helped me stay on a school of peanut dolphin as I threw a little buck tail at them on 10# test. Absolute blast! It’s so cool adapting fishing equipment to new applications.

  2. Just done watching Roland catching some giant 10 and 11 pound bass. That gets me excited for fishing, and can't go till Thursday. Son!!!! Great to see you still getting out and sharing your fishing experience with everyone. Thank You !!!!

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