25 thoughts on “Top 5 Cook County IL Fishing Spots

  1. Very informative. I am from Pennsylvania and will be in Chicago for a few days while my fiancé is at a conference. There are fish species there I’ve never caught such as yellow bass. Also here in pa you need an extra license stamp to fish Lake Erie. Do you need one to fish Lake Michigan as well?

  2. Hi I'm trying to find information on places to fish that can be accessed from public transportation because my nerve damage makes it impossible for me to drive. Can anyone here help me by suggesting a place or more I appreciate it very much.

  3. does anyone know – or have you seen – if I can fish Bussee Woods with my aluminum boat, if I lift the gas engine out of the water and only use my trolling motor?

  4. Nice video! I have not fished the places you mentioned in this video, but have done well in the Fox River, Dupage River, Illinois River, and other places in Northern Illinois.

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