Top 10 Best FISHING MOMENTS of the Year Fishing Video

In this fishing video I go through all of my videos and show you my top ten videos of the craziest, strangest and best fishing moments of 2017! Let me know what you think & which one was your favorite!⇊CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFO & LINKS⇊

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49 thoughts on “Top 10 Best FISHING MOMENTS of the Year Fishing Video

  1. With all that towing and moving of your muscles, it's no wonder you are so fit. Can't wait to get to "home" to Manasota Key in the next day or so. It's always fun watching the gang do things together as a family. Thanks for the great vid's, please keep them up.

  2. Thank you Darci – nice collection of this years' memories. My favorite ones have been 1)the West End Bahamas trip, 2)the HUGE Wahoo catch, 3)getting to know your Dad, 4) many of the different Keys trips, 5) learning how valuable and friendly your handyman Generator lady is…She and your Dad seem to get along really good too:-)!

  3. hand lineing that grouper must of been some work idk if i could of even done that but i only weigh 115 pounds so he is almost 4 of me lol sick video ty i missed some of them no i got 2 go back to watch the whole episode

  4. Looked like a lot of fun. Those ALL were nice fish. One of these days I'll be there. Again, great video and may we catch many many more fish. Take care and God bless. Tight lines!

  5. Wow…Cool to see a recap like that. You two are awesome. Fun to see how excited you guys still get when having a great time. Hey, I cant quite do it, but can certainly immerse myself for a bit in your world through your vids. Have a nice Holiday.

  6. Ohøj Daz i just went and what you call it click the red butten. U All got me . But it was how to castnet in blue bikini you got fond by me . And it was your wisdom good look and show that made me do it ( I make fossil jewelery ) and is old fishing on in off shore man ! Also trout pike eel and others i live in Denmark ! So not same fish!! ( Ever got a atlantic cood in the northsea ) But some fish are same like anglers (female or male) So keep up the good woork ! to you all!!!!

  7. How do I chose when they are all equally *Awesome*…It's been a great year fishing…and catching with You…Looking forward to next year…Until then…Keep on Catching…

  8. Fyi, my father was, is a avid fisherman. Do to being exposed to the sun so much, he has been dealing with skin cancer issues. Please be careful. Thanks, love your show.

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