Teaching a KID How To Use a BAITCASTER (FUNNY!!!)

I thought it would be FUNNY to try and teach a KID (Pearce) how to fish w/ a baitcaster reel!!!

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23 thoughts on “Teaching a KID How To Use a BAITCASTER (FUNNY!!!)

  1. I taught my lil brother how to use one and i can't be the only one who cringes inside when you tell them " put your thumb on the spool" and they cast and just put their whole hand on the grip and dont even put pressure on it. And then you tell them what they did wrong and they say they did everything you said.

  2. I'm aware this video is kind of old but could you get an assortment of the ozark trail lures from Walmart and do a challenge? They're like 2 bucks each

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