Quick Tip #4 – EWG vs. Flipping Hooks

The two most popular styles of hooks in bass fishing are Extra Wide Gap (EWG) and Flipping hooks. Understand the important differences between them from the start before you learn the hard way, like I did. SUBSCRIBE for more awesome bass fishing videos! Follow me! Instagram @tomwarrenfishing Facebook: Tom Warren source

Fishing an Illinois River / Creek for Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Fishing an Illinois River / Creek Me and Jim venture off into a small creek in the middle of nowhere Illinois in search of our first smallmouth of this year. Couple dinks and a somewhat decent size one. We will be going back here for sure. What I use to record with – Microphone … Read moreFishing an Illinois River / Creek for Smallmouth Bass

Illinois Creek Bass Fishing!

Hello, World! I figured I could start recording audio and doing a kind of vlog as well as my usual edits, so if you guys liked this then please let me know and if you want to see more make sure you like and subscribe. I was bank fishing at Krape Park in Freeport, Il. … Read moreIllinois Creek Bass Fishing!

Illinois Small Creek Fishing | SmallSmallies

Apparently I took on -Carf Outdoors- Small Fish Tour the other day. The Biggest caught was a Chub. But to be fair, he was a fatty. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHhOcMTHn7ZBtsnpYksd6HQ Testing out the Hero 3 Black. This is a Re-Edit of my original video. Cut from 23mins to 5. Much easier to watch. 🙂 Learning a good amount … Read moreIllinois Small Creek Fishing | SmallSmallies