The Cheapest Fishing Rod on Amazon/ Is it any Good?

This rod and reel costs $9.68 on amazon but is any good? Swim Baits: (All links below are Amazon affiliate links) Favorite Crankbait: The Camera I Use: My most used lens: Budget Gopro: source

Quick Tip #4 – EWG vs. Flipping Hooks

The two most popular styles of hooks in bass fishing are Extra Wide Gap (EWG) and Flipping hooks. Understand the important differences between them from the start before you learn the hard way, like I did. SUBSCRIBE for more awesome bass fishing videos! Follow me! Instagram @tomwarrenfishing Facebook: Tom Warren source

Best Fishing Moments of 2016!! | TylersReelFishing

2016 was a fantastic year, and I caught some great moments on camera! Listed below are all the full videos of these catches and shots! Thank YOU for how awesome 2016 was! Let’s make 2017 even better! ALL THE VIDEOS!! 1.Canada Trip With LTB! Video 1- Video 2- Video 3- 2.Crazy 10 … Read more…