STATE RECORD!! – Catching Silver Asian Carp (Illinois)

New Illinois State Record SILVER Asian Carp is now 18 pounds and 6 ounces! Caught in the Illinois River! Huge congrats to my man Justin for catching that! I hope you guys enjoyed this long video, action filled too! Thanks for watching!

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Camera Equipment: Gopro Session x2 and Sony a5100
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23 thoughts on “STATE RECORD!! – Catching Silver Asian Carp (Illinois)

  1. Use to work on a tug boat on the Illinois river. I've seen them at Five foot long. Kick them off the boat all day every day! Use to use them for catfish bait! If you guys want too have fun, take a boat out!!! When they come flying at you, it's a Rush!

  2. I’ve seen a lot of guys in Texas use carp for coyote treats, are you guys allowed to do that in your state. Also congrats on the catch, your guys reactions are awesome.

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