9 thoughts on “Selecting a Shark Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

  1. Most sharks aren't gonna take a lot of line?…..Seriously!? If its a small shark like a blacktip or spinner I can see the guys point, but if you hook up to one that is 8 or 9 foot..or bigger…….your gonna need at least a 50 ib outfit just to slow him down (if your on a tight budget), but if your going after huge sharks, just go ahead and buy a 130 ib class reel or a 20/0 everol….if it spools a reel of that size, then its not ment to be caught.

  2. I'm a german guy and I'm planning to go to Florida after graduating this Year. Your video helped me out a lot!!!
    Now I do have a overview, which kind of tackle I'm going to need.
    Do you have any kind of tips about sharkfishig in Florida?
    By the way, the guy talking in the background is kind of annoying, but he's mentioning important points. Probably scripting help's reducing somebody else's talking parts. Nice video!!

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