ORVIS – Fly Fishing Lessons – How To Set Up A Fly Rod

ORVIS casting instructor Pete Kutzer is here to help you rig up your very first fly rod. It may seem intuitive to some fishermen, but if you’re setting up a fly rod for the very first time, it’s worth it to follow along with Pete and make sure you’re rigged up for success!

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10 thoughts on “ORVIS – Fly Fishing Lessons – How To Set Up A Fly Rod

  1. I plan to get a two-piece rod for my kayak and canoe trips>>>nub.best/xyov and then use this one for hiking and backpacking (using a tube case). In my experience, which goes back 20 years now, I can cast more precisely and further on a long 9-foot rod like this one. It just gives me more control and power.

  2. Just purchased a fly reel that has a spacer in the reel it's not fully open. Dont know whether to thread out the line from the top section or the bottom section. Basically it has a solid bridge
    inbetween the outside of the reel

  3. Nice. Very cute. I'm only commenting because YouTube made me watch this. Except given Orvis' recent ad campaign, this is all wrong. A woman needs to be demonstrating fly casting because women obviously need to be included in this sport. As if they never were. But the important point is that I've once again I've been given an opportunity to announce I'll never, ever again buy an Orvis product. And if I'm forced again to watch one of these, I'll flag it.

  4. I was kind of hoping the tips instruction would be with a rod that didn't have alignment dots; those are pretty straight forward and I hoped to see tips about getting the best alignment without them. Good videos though, keep them coming.

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