NED RIG Winter Bass Fishing

Winter Bass fishing can be tough. The NED RIG can catch Bass even in the toughest conditions. It is the perfect finesse bait to catch those tip lipped finicky bass. In this video my Dad and I go to some local farm ponds to do some Bass fishing. I knew the Bass would be slow and lethargic in the cold water. I wanted a finesse bait that I could fish slow and entice some strikes. The Ned Rig proved to be the perfect bait. In this video I also talk about how I fish the Ned Rig and give some tips on how to catch Bass with the Ned Rig. Don’t be intimidated by Winter Bass fishing. Pick up some Ned Rigs and go catch some Bass!

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24 thoughts on “NED RIG Winter Bass Fishing

  1. Hi! Today I casted my baitcaster for the first time. I made sure to adjust everything on my reel properly before heading out to the lake. When I casted, everything was fine, but almost every cast, there were a few loops on my spool, which weren’t too hard to get out, but still annoying. Once in a while I would get a small backlash. Would you happen to know why his happens? Is it because I am just getting started at it, and it comes over time? I worried maybe I’m doing something wrong, but on the other hand, practice makes perfect, and I am just beginning, so maybe it takes time before I start getting good. I am afraid that it will make me despair and give up fishing, although I love it so much. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks

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