My Thoughts On The Pelican Bass Raider 10e – Quick & Simple Review Of Riding Gravity’s Boat

Fishing was less than stellar – so when we got back to the ramp Jae and I go over some features and details of his Bass Raider 10e.
Who can’t wait for spring???? This guy.


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34 thoughts on “My Thoughts On The Pelican Bass Raider 10e – Quick & Simple Review Of Riding Gravity’s Boat

  1. Ive had an 8e for 8 years now.. thing is complete tank. I've beat the shit out of it and it's fallen out of the truck a few times going the highway.. not a single problem. They are built like a tank

  2. How do you keep from wearing the plastic out on the bottom of the boat where your dragging it ? I was thinking about this boat or the bass baby with the wheels on the back for launching it by yourself.

  3. I bought the same boat last summer and looks like the same motor. I can go 3 full days on one charge on my marine deep cycle battery without charging. I love this boat. Great choice.

  4. Zoffinger another you tuber actually uses one of these zipping around for saltwater fishing which tells you how stable these can be. Not what you'd typically think of when you think of a bass boat

  5. Guys…….hear me out: Start saving your money, and buy A TWIN TROLLER X-10 boat. It took me 6 months ( after paying normal monthly bills ) to save up enough to buy mine. The Twin Troller is WORTH EVERY DOLLAR. If you fish long enough, that Bass Raider & all the other plastic pontoon boats WILL get you into trouble sooner or later. The way the front end is designed, it acts like A FUNNEL to allow choppy water to come right in the front. Those side trays are near worthless, and the material the hull is made from WILL begin to dry-rot. It WILL eventually start leaking too, due to the 2-PIECE design with that seam running all the way around. Even in moderate wind or current, you will spend more time fighting for boat position than actually fishing. Many people think the Twin Troller X-10 is "over-priced". THAT IS 100% FALSE. It is actually priced VERY well, considering it will last a lifetime, in addition to the patented design of the duel saltwater grade MotorGuide trolling motor heads that are completely hidden & recessed UP INSIDE each pontoon, and totally protected with durable flush-mounted aluminum guards. It has 72 lbs total thrust, and is operated completely by twin foot pedals for HANDS FREE OPERATION. It can spin a 360 on a dime, even go straight backwards. You operate the boat with your feet without even thinking about it. 2 anglers can sit or stand. The seats & seat towers are designed & built far better than all the others & much more comfortable. You can't capsize the Twin Troller & it's totally unsinkable. The DEEP side trays are excellent & I actually carry 6 to 8 baitcaster set-ups with rods up to 7.5 feet long ( 3 or 4 rods in each side tray ). The ONLY reason the Twin Troller claims "2hp max" is because anything bigger is a waste of power. I bought a 3.5hp Tohatsu 4 stroke outboard for mine & it works great. The transom is SO strong, I keep my outboard mounted at all times, even when trailering the boat down rough dirt roads. You can actually beat a Twin Troller with a baseball bat, and not damage the hull. Use an optional outboard to travel great distances quicker, then the twin trollers for fishing. I have never ran my battery dead. They make a custom dolly for the Twin Troller enabling 1 person to roll the boat & easy launching. I chose to trailer mine. I've owned my Twin Troller for 16 months now, and I'm still just as excited about it as the day I got it. I'm 56 yrs old, fishing for monster bass here on the famous Stick Marsh here in central Florida. I've owned many boats over the years, including 2 different bass boats, and one of those I bought brand new in 2004, a nice all-welded aluminum G3 HP-170 with 115 Yamaha & stainless prop. It was a great boat and FAST & I owned it for 7 years. But I can honestly say: Dollar for dollar, my Twin Troller is the best value and single investment I ever made in any boat at any price. With the outboard tilted up, I can operate the boat in only 8 inches of water & the duel trolling motors go right over or through floating logs, lily pad fields, all rooted grass & weeds…….that even grow up above the surface…… Twin Troller buzzes right through it quietly like a knife through hot butter. I actually catch MORE bass out of my Twin Troller than any other boat I've owned. You will never find a verified Twin Troller owner who is disappointed, and I'm no exception. Wouldn't trade it for anything. Remember, ya only pay for it ONCE……and ya have it for a lifetime. Tons of videos here on youtube and on the company's website ( Freedom Electric Marine ). The entire boat and every component is top quality…….even all screws & fasteners are stainless steel. Check out all the true testimonials by many Twin Troller owners. When I first discovered it myself…….I thought it was "an over-priced gimmick"…….BOY WAS I EVER WRONG!!! Save up & buy yourself a Twin Troller…….you WILL be glad ya did……TRUST ME.

  6. I use the hell out of one of these for bowfishing/bass fishing ponds and creeks. Crazy stable for its size, and super durable. I've beat the hell out of mine and it keeps on ticking

  7. Had a similar boat about 25-30 years ago….I seriously think it was made by Rubber Queen. I took some verbal abuse about it sometimes, but killed 'em in Burke Lake, Fountainhead, and the Potomac. It was a real bitch to put on the roof of my wife's Buick.

  8. Man there was a huge used fishing gear sale in Woodbridge, you shoulda came! I got some great deals! Kistler Rods for half off and I got a shimano curado for 70$.

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