Minecraft Essentials: Combat tips – Fishing Rod Combat (Fun stuff)

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Welcome to Minecraft Essentials, a series of tips and tricks helpful to veterans and newbies delivered in bite-size videos. This series is split to cover two detailed topics, helpful Minecraft Tricks and deadly Combat Tips.
This video will let you HAVE SOME FUN by killing mobs with a fishing rod, how awesome!

Fishing Rods can hook any mob and drag it towards the player. (Although Mobs in Water or Lava will not move far due to the slowdown of the fluid.) Although the hurt animation plays and passive mobs will run away as if you attacked them, it deals no damage to the mob. Fishing Rods take triple durability damage when reeling a mob. Reeling it up will cause the mob to be pulled towards the caster at a very fast rate. Players can take advantage of this to impart vertical momentum onto the mob when reeled at great height, dealing enough fall damage for a guaranteed death (except for chicken, ghasts, blazes and snow golems as they do not take falling damage). The fishing rod can also be used on tamed wolves to act as a sort of leash, although it won’t move the wolf anywhere for long. Bobbers can be hooked onto a wolf and if it teleports back to the player, the bobber will still be present.

A great way to use this is also to shoot a mob with it then go to lava and place it between the mob and yourself and then reel the line causing the mob to get pulled into the lava.

It can be assumed this functionality is for pulling future Fish Mobs(such as th current mob, the Squid) out of water.

Unfortunately, fishing rods cannot be used to pull back/up players, making them useless in PVP.

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  2. You talk as if I went on about it for far too long, yet it was only 1:47 minutes.

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  3. Your whole stupid video was about how fishing rods can pull mobs. Okay! we friking get it!! now go find some other way to use the fishing rod before making a video like this again

  4. @MasterOfTheEggs2029
    i do the same thing but it doesnt do it if it does it doesnt pull him that far it only pulls them like 2 inches you guys can pull them mad far

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