Making a Minnow Rig

Here’s how to make your own Minnow Rigs. These are great for trout in streams, lakes and rivers. Just fish them like a spinner. Just add a few split shot for weight in swift current

How to make a needle holder

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Recommended Trail Cameras

Bushnell 2018 Aggressor

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7 thoughts on “Making a Minnow Rig

  1. Dude, why didn't you just credit Duty's Invisible Minnow Rigs? You used their needle and showed their package, credit for that. But the needles are designed for THEIR RIGS. And, they are VASTLY SUPERIOR to your rig. Their rig, as I am sure you know, is basically a wire that has a double prong to hold the minnow on the rig (just down from the head) which also prevents the bunching up of the minnows body (head will go to 90 degrees without it) caused by the current and reeling in the rig against it.  It also features a swivel to prevent line twist which is a major problem when spin fishing in a current. Their rig has the double hook which you remove to connect the needle to pull through minnow and then re-attach hook. I used these rigs as a kid beginning around 1970 on Au Sable River in MI. It was deadly. I later converted to fly fishing so I haven't used them in many years. I was surprised to find, about 12 years ago when I was looking at minnow traps for lakes, and found that Duty's, which made the minnow trap – still existed!!! I haven't seen their rigs in any fishing tackle store since late 70's but I did contact them at the address on the minnow trap (same as needles.) Maybe you didn't promote them because you can't find them in stores but their rig is GREAT and I also used them for lake fishing. They also have larger rigs for bigger minnows and even worm rigs. The "Invisibles" were a magic feature of my childhood, couldn't let this go by. They were cheap when we first started buying them. My dad would but the whole card at the two places we knew that sold them, about $.60 per package of two with needle. I don't know what they cost now, but they are WORTH IT. You just cannot rig a minnow better than that in any kind of current. Good fishing!!!

  2. Trying to figure out where to get a good minnow.  I can't find any that are shorter than 3 inches.  Would prefer a good looking minnow that is 1-1.5 inches.  I liked the size and look of the minnow you used for your minnow rig.

  3. Thanks for this very informative rig rundown. I have never used double hooks before – are you simply sliding that loop through the gap between the two hook shanks and recessing the hook eye inside the minnow and relying on that to hold the hook on securely? Thank you!

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