How to Tie a Loop Knot for Fishing – Knot Contest WINNER!

How to Tie a Loop Knot for Fishing – Knot Contest WINNER!

This video shows in detail how to tie a strong loop knot for fishing.

It’s name is the”Non-Slip Loop knot” and it also seems to be called the “Kreh Loop Knot”.

This Loop Knot is very popular throughout the saltwater fishing community due to how easy it is to tie with any size leader line.

This fishing knot is best used with artificial lures because the loop allows maximum mobility the lure for the most life-like action possible. As an added bonus, the tag end of this knot points directly down towards the hook/lure, so it’s completely weedless… this is a big factor if you’re tossing artificial lures on the grass flats much of the time like we do.

As this video shows, the knot is extremely easy to tie and does not require the lure to have to pass through a loop during the tying process which is often tough to do when using a lure with multiple sets of hooks.

We currently performing a knot strength analysis on all of the top loop knots such as:

– Rapala Loop Knot
– Perfection Loop Knot
– Canoe Man Loop Knot
– Kreh Loop Knot

The results will be published on so be sure to drop by and see which one earns the status as the ‘best saltwater fishing knot’.

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