How to Cast a Baitcaster Fishing Reel THE RIGHT WAY and Adjust the Knobs

Learning how to cast a baitcaster is something a lot of anglers struggle with. It’s nothing like a spinning reel and takes some time to learn how to cast one. In this video I walk you through all the steps to make sure that you can learn to cast a baitcaster. Another thing that anglers struggle with are the knobs that are all over a baitcaster, These knobs adjust your brakes and your drag. In the video I cover what each knob does and how to properly set it.

Skip to 1:30 for Casting
Skip to 6:15 for Dials and Knobs

*** When setting the spool knob on the handle side of the reel, be sure to have the brake dial set as low as it can go.
*** When casting heavy lures, set the brake dial at a lower setting.
*** When casting light lures, set the brake dial at a higher setting.
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31 thoughts on “How to Cast a Baitcaster Fishing Reel THE RIGHT WAY and Adjust the Knobs

  1. You cast right-handed, wouldn't make sense then to wind with your left – and avoid that swapping the rod from left to right and then right to left. Just keep the rod in one hand. Get a reel with the wind on the left side, practice it and once you have learnt that, you will never go back.

  2. Yeah, I spent $189 on my first baitcaster combo. This video helped me realize that I actually figured out how to use it pretty good. The only thing is that I was told to never cast a baitcaster over your head.

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