HOW I Fish a JIG |Fall Bass Fishing tips!|

Everyone does it different, and the best way to to learn is to go out and do it! But of you’re like me, you love a good visual. Here’s what I got for ya on Jigs!

●Jig Fishing Arsenal

•KastKing Royale Legend (7’3 Heavy) –

•KastKing Speed Demon PRO –

•KastKing KastPro Braid –

●Camera Gear I Use
• GoPro Hero 3+ –
• Aluminum Case –
• Shotgun Mic –
• 3.5mm Adapter for GoPro/Mic –
• Hand-Held Tripod –

(On the Water)
• GoPro Hero 3+
• Chest Mount –
• Cheap but very good clip on Mic –
• Waterproof Housing –
• Skeleton Housing –

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