Fishing Toledo Bend | Kayak Bass Fishing OPEN | END ON THE BEND

Kayak fishing on Toledo Bend is always a great experience. It is even better when you are fishing for a great payday. KBF is proud to put on great Catch – Photo – Release tournaments across the country and we look forward to coming to Toledo Bend every year.

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21 thoughts on “Fishing Toledo Bend | Kayak Bass Fishing OPEN | END ON THE BEND

  1. Great video Chad! you really do an amazing job of telling multiple stories during these videos and tying everything together. I can't wait to jump in on some of the state challenges in between my club tournaments…mostly just getting back out on the water since everything is pretty much frozen solid here in CO. Keep them coming Chad!!

  2. Chad,

    Great info, I haven't seen #TimLittele with you in awhile. Looking forward to getting down to Toledo Bend and figuring it out fishing the Challenge/Open Championship at the end of this season. Good to see some of the #CAKFG guys made it in this feature.

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