Fishing Technique ~How to Fish a MAG NED RIG for Bass

Fishing for bass I was thinking about bass lures and the Ned Rig. I had fun learning how to fish a Ned Rig and wanted to stick with the same finesse principles but go mag style like usual. What I came up with is a blend of a slightly heavier Ned Rig jig head paired up with a magnum ned style worm – super fat and a little bit longer. After this vid I put the rig and fishing technique to work and unlike most of my other fishing lure experiments it worked flawlessly and we caught a couple 6+ pound fish. Once again the best approach was to basically dead stick and/or shake the bait and target small areas. In my opinion it’s a spot fishing technique not so much for broad areas but a great way to coax bigger bass when you have them pinned down.

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Want the stuff to rig one up it’s all below at Tackle Warehouse:

Damiki Hot Dog

Cut the last 1/3 off of this Gambler 7″ Fat Ace and do the exact same thing – actually got bigger bites doing this as well

Ned Head 3/8oz

Shimano Zodias 7’2″ MH for Neko Rig

12lbs Sunline Sniper Sunline FC Sniper

Lews Speed Spool 7:5:1

All the camera stuff, the drone, floral hats everything you need to shoot vids!


41 thoughts on “Fishing Technique ~How to Fish a MAG NED RIG for Bass

  1. Believe it or not I did something similar. I am not a stickbait guy but I liked the look of the hot dog and got some. And since I hate finiesse style fishing and light hooks  I just took a 3/8 oz Dirty Jigs pitching jig in black; took the skirt off and cut off the weedguard and the hot dog fit real nice on it. slammed them in  one of the highly pressured ponds I fish. Just did little hops and occasionallystroked it hard. IDK why it worked but it did. I have no interest in using a traditional ned rig set up and catch a zillion 1 pounders all day….not that it's a bad thing just not my thing….but I liked the idea of trying an upsized versionas I'm a power fisherman through and through Looking forward to seeing how your rig works.

  2. Use a pegged 6 or 7/0 hook, Texas rigged "hot dog". Wouldn't it accomplish the same thing? Maybe smash the leading edge of the weight, so it's round, to give the same effect as the "need rig" hook.
    You need a carport for the boat!

  3. Bass assassin jig heads for saltwater has a lot heavier hooks I use those they work, plus you can just get a bear LED head or just plain colored without the eyes if you prefer saltwater jig heads have a lot heavier hook

  4. ZMAN FATTY MAGS Ned RIGGED. With a power finess mushroom head by ZMAN. And it stands up in the water. At 7.25in stretch that plastic. And watch 5lbs. Come in that boat bro.

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