Dry Flies & Emergers – How to Use

Dry fly fishing is visually exciting and is motivates many people to begin fly fishing. However, doing it right is not easy and it can be frustrating if you don’t know some basics. Host Tom Rosenbauer covers all the essentials of dry fly fishing which will help you to become more effective on the water.


27 thoughts on “Dry Flies & Emergers – How to Use

  1. Nice video. The dry fly dropper is a cool rig if you can cast it. Read about it in Ray Bergman' s "Trout" Almost 50 years ago. An angling classic that us old purists still live by..

  2. When the fish are rising but not that aggressive i put a trailer fly on like you said,,i tie about 18 inches of tippit onto the curl of the dry fly hook up front , what i do is if its a sulfer hatch i will take a dry sulfer fly and cut off all the hackle and use it as a nymph trailing the dry fly , i have had a ton of fish take the trailer sulfer fly for years.

  3. I wanted to get a top reach of 7 foot 4 at a hookup of a brook trout while fishing from my canoe, but while trying the top reach , ( i'm 5 foot 6 ) i fell overboard , sank my canoe and lost the fish but had a great day however.

  4. Great video and an interesting technique "washing line" we are limited to only 3 single point hooks here, so I'll just swap off the one closes to the rod for a corky – just changed my entire list of things to do tomorrow to "go fishing! " πŸ™‚

  5. Tom Rosenbauer you are truly an inspiration I’m 61 and just tried fly fishing for the first time I caught my first ever Brown on my first time fly fishing . My second trip out to the Kern River I pretty much donated flies to the trees. Your videos are so helpful I will be back at again this weekend practicing the roll cast. Thank you very much and yes thank you Orvis. (By the way my first fly rod purchase was an Orvis )

  6. Funny enough as a kid I started fly fishing with the dry fly. My dad reckoned I'd warm to it faster as it was much more visual. And I did. I've introduced a couple of friends to fly fishing and again I started them on the dry and they seemed to have the same experience. Others I've met down the years who started as most do(at least here in Ireland) by down stream wet fly fishing find the dry more difficult. I think a lot of it is the "high brow" perception of it, plus you can go years wet fly fishing and catching fish, with not so great casting and presentation skills. The current tends to smooth out bad technique. Thats harder to un-learn I think.
    Anyway great channel with great info. Subscribed. πŸ™‚

  7. Not just a really informative video but so beautiful the country and the water and great presenters knowledgable sensitive and just real nice guys Thanks form a cold and windy England.

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