DIY Homemade Fishing ROD REEL and TACKLE!! $25 Hobby Store Fishing Challenge!!

*INGENIUS* Can I really DESIGN and BUILD a Fishing REEL, ROD, and All Necessary TACKLE from random parts I find at the HOBBY LOBBY?? This was by far the Toughest fishing challenge to date! Challenging my Creativity and Skills to the EXTREME MAX!! Can I walk into a Store that has absolutely NOTHING to do with Fishing, and come out with everything I need to DESIGN, BUILD, and Catch Fish?? Will It work?? This was AMAZING!!

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Filming and editing equipment
GoPro Hero 5
Canon Rebel SL2
Apple Mac Book Pro
Final Cut Pro


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23 thoughts on “DIY Homemade Fishing ROD REEL and TACKLE!! $25 Hobby Store Fishing Challenge!!

  1. Yes, That is a regular hook I used in the end. Unfortunately after 3 days of striking out do to the cold front, I did not plan well and only brought out one homemade T pin hook. I lost that hook when I snagged it in the lily pads at the second spot. Time was running out and rather than driving 30 minutes home and 30 minutes back to the next spot just to get another hook, I made the decision just to continue with a regular hook. This seems to have upset quite a few of you..I apologize. This was an tremendous challenge, that took me a several days and a lot of work to complete. I personally don't feel the lack of a homemade hook is that big of a deal, considering the extent I went to by designing and building an entire rod and reel out of wood pieces. For those of you that still feel it was "cheating" … the door is left wide open for you to do better, all you have to do now is create a rod, reel, and catch a fish on a homemade hook. Keep em tight my friends!

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