Bass Fishing w/ CRAZY Japanese BUG Lures (Do They WORK?)

Today I’m bass fishing with some CRAZY lures I got from Japan!!! Hopefully these pond largemouths are hungry for BUGS!!!
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26 thoughts on “Bass Fishing w/ CRAZY Japanese BUG Lures (Do They WORK?)

  1. Hey man I love the channel but you need a Dawg hat instead of that gator one lol kidding man keep up the great work. Those some awesome lure. I've gotta get myself some of them.

  2. Love the vids I'm from austin texas / cedar park texas and we had tons of ponds the issue I have is all these bass seem to be eating off the top of the water like dragon flys. Any suggestions or can you make a segment using some kind of top water dragon fly? Thanks again joe from austin texas

  3. Everything that lives in the river eats hellgrammite. They spend about three years in the river in the larval stage, They do not swim, if they are broken loose, they drift in the current. They work just about anywhere, western rivers inluded. Mister Twister, Case Plastics, Leland, Gulp and Bass Pro all make their own versions and they all seem to work the same.

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