8 best catfish baits – Catch catfish – Blue, flathead and channel catfish

These are the 8 best catfish bait. Catch blue catfish, catch flathead catfish, catch channel catfish. If you want to catch catfish, it is important to understand which catfish bait to use, when to use each type of catfish bait, and how to use that bait.

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31 thoughts on “8 best catfish baits – Catch catfish – Blue, flathead and channel catfish

  1. You don't know stank until you've left a box of chicken livers in your trunk for a couple days in the summer heat- I seriously considered donating my car to charity rather than trying to clean it up. They built up so much pressure inside the box that when I went to pick it up- it popped and rotten livers went everywhere. I think I threw up like three or four times while trying to get it cleaned up.

  2. too late to post but pro tips from a guy that fishes with liver 99% of the time. 1) find a grocery store that doesnt freeze their liver. Liver that has never been frozen works best for staying on the line. 2) never tear your liver get some scissors and keep them in your tackle box. Tearing the liver rips out all of the stuff that holds it together. Doing both of these will keep your liver on your hook long enough to get the cats running.

  3. I caught a huge blue cat a few years ago, I was really fishing for bluegill using a worm and a standard hook. I thought I hooked a carp until I got it close enough to shore to see what it was. I was lucky enough to see what species of fish that I hooked and how big he was..but sadly after fighting me and rolling all around he managed to snap my 25 lb test line right as tried getting my hand in his mouth to pull him out of the water! Never have I caught a cat on worm i always use bluegill or livers in that spot, if you plan on fishing alone dont forget your net at home because you NEVER know what your going to catch! sadly I made a rookie mistake. LESSON LEARNED!

  4. Thank you sir for all your unselfish detailed work. It is good to see this. I am retired and on a fixed income but, living in Missouri where I am I have 20+ great places to fish within 20-30 miles (64062) along with many just minutes away for cats of all kind. Thank you again very much for all the great info, subd/clicked of course.

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