🐟 Fish hook knot tying tool a Simple Gadget for fastening Hooks to Fishing Line, it Actually Works

My hands are not so good anymore, and especially for tying small fish hooks and fishing line together, so I decided to try out this handy hook tyer gadget.
πŸ“ŒEbay https://ebay.to/2q1m1lg

This simple machine tor tying a Hook onto fishing line, works quite well, however, it does take a few attempts,to get it working just right.
BUT it does work, and I can once again tie fishing hooks to a line once again.

P.S. It really is easy after you use this gadget a few times, and it costs under $3.00au delivered to your door.

Now if only I can get the other half to bait her hook, I’d be in heaven hahaπŸ˜€

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24 thoughts on “🐟 Fish hook knot tying tool a Simple Gadget for fastening Hooks to Fishing Line, it Actually Works

  1. thanks for the video I'm going to buy another one also, I tried using the picture instructions but just couldn't get it I really appreciate you taking the time to making this video, took me my 2nd try using this method and also I should mention I use size 10 hooks for the trout over where I live very small hooks and boy does this tool and the video make it easier than looking at the pictures thanks again.

  2. Well you made me understand this particular knot tyer tool. I've looked at it and thought it was just a complicated looking tool. Nah, the nail knot tool is easier. But I can now see how it's done. Catfishing with that tied on hook would never get off unless the line broke! Thanks from these old arthritic hands. Btw, Snelled hooks go back as far as I can remember when I was a boy in the 1950's… the knot is only as weak as the line strength. The knot will not slip! And now there is a tool to help tie it.

  3. Garry, I found that tool. minus the "needle base," along a steelhead fishing stream near Lake Erie – Erie Pennsylvania. What is the name of the tool? Where does one buy this tool? From my experience, it looks like a gadget that creates snelled hooks.

  4. I'm not convinced the knot will hold a largemouth bass but I'm willing to give it a try only because I love gadgets. Question though. Is there a reason you didn't thread the line through the hooks eye? Just watching the video it seems that it would be possible.

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